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Electrolyte Powder for Scouring Calves and Pigs

Sacrolyte replenishes vital minerals, vitamins and electrolytes in scouring calves and pigs

Sacrolyte for Scouring Calves 
and Pigs

Diarrhoea in Pigs and Calves

Ask your Vet about Sacrolyte

Scouring – diarrhoea – or digestive disturbance in young calves and pigs happens even in the best herds. It’s always best to consult a veterinarian when you spot it in your animals. You need to find and eradicate the root cause.  By giving  Sacrolyte to your animals in their feed twice daily, you  will help restore them to prime condition after an episode of scouring.
Diarrhoea, or scouring, in young animals leaves them weak and dehydrated. Vital minerals and electrolytes are dissolved in the fluid they use and it’s vital to rehydrate the animals and replace those minerals and electrolytes. Sacrolyte offers a simple solution. It’s an electrolyte powder that you mix with water and feed to your animals twice a day for up to three days. It comes in single dose sachets so you can feed it to the isolated animals to make sure they’re restored to health as soon as possible.  Read the full product specification and dosage instructions here.
As soon as you spot scouring in your herd, call your vet. Ask him or her about Sacrolyte for restoring the animals to condition once he or she has treated the cause of diarrhoea. Call us, or send an email for more information and we’ll be happy to help you. Tulivin is the licensed UK distributor for all Univet products in the UK – read more about us and our animal food supplements here.
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